Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back to the 90's again

So the 90's trend wagon is as strong as ever and I'm nowhere of complaining, on the opposite actually. You know me, I love dressing up if an opportunity presents itself. Last Saturday I head an appointment with my colorist Stephanie to take care of my roots and I heard from her just in time that they were doing a 90's theme day at the Tigi Concept Store. So a little bit of Grunge and a 90's Gwen Stefani and I was ready to go. People in Antwerp are pretty much used to anything these days, so I blended in just fine.
Once again, I had major fun with the guys at Tigi, it's always a small party there. I have been going to their salons for a year now (ugh, time flies) and still get compliments about my ombre regularly. 

If you want a great hairdressers experience and are anywhere near Antwerp I strongly advise you to visit the Tigi Concept Store located on Melkmarkt 19, you'll get a great treatment, a team of top professionals and fabulous hair in return. All this is for sure worth your money.

Toni Kalin and his lovely wife Stephanie always know how to have fun!

I arrived at the salon with two hair dots on my head and when I was finished, I asked to make two tiny ones instead to go with my look #truetotheend

For the actual outfit, most of you will probably think it's too costumey and it might even be so. I do love dressing up, but don't do it as often as I did anymore, growing up and stuff. This dress was just lying around waiting for the opportunity to be worn. I think the bare back is a bit over the top, but I really loved the burgundy velvet and besides, it was on major sale at Asos. And I just happened to have some self-adhesive rhinestones lying around, cause I'm a major hoarder.

Wearing: Wonder Woman jacket, Asos dress, Zara boots, Karl Lagerfeld bag, H&M bralet, Vintage belt.

No, this post is NOT OVER YET. Just wanted to invite you to a Bloggers Closet Sale I'll be a part of during Antwerp Fashion Festival this Saturday. Come take a look and have a chat with us and BUY our stuff :)
More info HERE

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Black list

So working around the neighborhood with the best fashion brands of the world is a bit of a challenge. Everywhere you look - so many pretty items, everywhere you look - high price tags. Luckily we also have a Zara nearby, in case of emergencies, but I don't really like the selection there. Been working four months and only actually bought something once! But I it may also have to do with me becoming pretty picky when it comes to shopping, 'cause I'm needing the money for furnishing and decorating the house and also willing to invest in more expensive pieces of clothing. Expensive is all I really see every day, both at work and off.
Some items ('accidentally' all black) have caught my eye, not sure what or if I'm going to get anything, but here's what's on my black list. Now I look at it, this combo would make a killer outfit together. GIMME!

What has been on your wishlist lately?


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